KBR introduces new highly-efficient, lower cost Ammonia 6000™ technology

KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) announced today that it has successfully developed Ammonia 6000™ based on its highly successful Purifier™ based ammonia technology.

The Ammonia 6000™ technology uses KBR’s proprietary Purifier™ based process which is currently in use in 39 plants worldwide and boasts industry leading on-stream records and leading edge process safety and energy efficiency.

KBR’s Ammonia 6000™ process helps plant owners stay ahead of the competition by expanding single-train capacity up to 6000 MTPD to exploit economies of scale, increase margins and reduce cost per ton of ammonia produced.

The Ammonia 6000™ technology provides both the lowest CAPEX and the lowest OPEX per metric tonne of ammonia produced in comparison to competitive offerings. The Ammonia 6000™ design avoids expensive Air Separation and Nitrogen Wash Units and utilizes an intelligent equipment layout with optimized and reduced equipment count and sizes – all of which help to leverage economies of scale and contribute to reduced CAPEX.

I am pleased to announce the launch of KBR’s Ammonia 6000™ technology that expands the single train production capacity beyond the threshold of just 2700 MTPD,” said John Derbyshire, KBR President, Technology. “Ammonia 6000™ provides fertilizer and chemical producers tremendous performance advantages both in terms of capital investment and operating costs.

A world leader in developing designs for single-stream, large-scale ammonia plants, the technology for the world’s first 600 to 2700 MTPD single-stream plants were developed by KBR. Since the 1960s, KBR has licensed, engineered or constructed more than 235 Ammonia plants worldwide.

KBR is a global provider of differentiated professional services and technologies across the asset and program lifecycle within the Government Services and Hydrocarbons sectors. KBR employs approximately 36,000 people worldwide (including our joint ventures), with customers in more than 75 countries, and operations in 40 countries, across three synergistic global businesses:

  • Government Services, serving government customers globally, including capabilities that cover the full lifecycle of defense, space, aviation and other government programs and missions from research and development, through systems engineering, test and evaluation, program management, to operations, maintenance, and field logistics
  • Technology, including proprietary technology focused on the monetization of hydrocarbons (especially natural gas and natural gas liquids) in ethylene and petrochemicals; ammonia, nitric acid and fertilizers; oil refining and gasification
  • Hydrocarbons Services, including onshore oil and gas; LNG (liquefaction and regasification)/GTL; oil refining; petrochemicals; chemicals; fertilizers; differentiated EPC; maintenance services (Brown & Root Industrial Services); offshore oil and gas (shallow-water, deep-water, subsea); floating solutions (FPU, FPSO, FLNG & FSRU); program management and consulting services

KBR is proud to work with its customers across the globe to provide technology, value-added services, integrated EPC delivery and long term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results. At KBR, We Deliver.

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