Editor’s letter

Aberdeen, 25 February 2019

Dear future reader of globalenergy.today,

All of us are connected by a passion for the development of energy, ecology, transportation and related infrastructure and industries. The knowledge and skills of each of us contribute to the same goal – indispensable on a global, daily scale and for the generations to come. Whether it is scientific, technological, political, or any other type of action – it is important because with the energy we create we make things happen.

We, a group of experts and global enthusiasts, detected there is a necessity to cover these developments in a single place – in a unique and meaningful media story. This is why we, armed with ten years of knowledge and experience, decided to take on this vision of creating a media news portal with the goal of becoming a global and central location – the first and main source of information for the energy sector.

The beta version of the global news portal globalenergy.today is the first step in the realization of our vision that we, with your collaboration, want to strengthen and position as the number one news source in the energy media landscape. The news portal is divided into 10 categories – oil and gas, other energy sources, nature, business, politics, transport, technology, science, lifestyle & green – and equipped with technological and design advances that respond to the challenges of today’s digital media. However, our vision does not stop there as we want to further develop globalenergy.today with new technological advances and set it as a global example of unique digital media solutions. We plan, in the medium term, to also take on investments in the development of our own technological platforms, which will further help define globalenergy.today as a global leader in the energy media sector.

In the aspect of media production, we have estimated that we will publish more than 11,000 news stories in the first year of business, with the most significant amount of news production being in the categories of oil and gas, other energy sources, business, politics, transport, technology & science. The administration and global news departments of globalenergy.today are headquartered in Aberdeen, the energy capital of Europe, with mid-term prospects of opening offices and global correspondent’s desks in major energy and business hubs worldwide and sign cooperation agreements with leading global news agencies.

The editorial team of globalenergy.today invites you to start a long-term cooperation with us in all possible aspects (media releases, interviews, advertising, media patronage, etc.) and in order to assist us in creating and growing this important global media project together.

In this regard, please include editor@globalenergy.today on the list for all your future media releases. In addition, we invite you to consider and select one of our specially created partner marketing packages for 2019 to help us further and faster develop the global vision of this media start-up project.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or suggestions for potential media and marketing collaboration.


Thank you for your time and best regards,


editor in chief

Thomas Andy Branson

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